The Rent A Room Scheme

Under the Irish government's Rent A Room scheme you can rent out a spare room in your house, Tax Free, if the income does not exceed €14,000 per annum. This amounts to €1,166 per month. This extra income could supplement your mortgage repayments, or you could go on that long overdue holiday!

For more information, including rights and obligations as a landlord, effects of rental income on social welfare payments, rules, and how to apply, visit the Citizen's Information Board or read Irish Revenue's A Revenue Guide to Rental Income - IT 70.

Homeowner/Lodger Agreement Tips

It is recommended that you, as the Landlord/Homeowner, agree with the Lodger ground-rules in advance. To help, we have put together a useful guide with Homeowner/Lodger Agreement Tips


Marion, Bandon, County Cork

“The kids have left home and are settled elsewhere. I have three empty bedrooms. Earning a little extra income from the rooms is a great idea. Plus, it's great company for me. And I have the added bonus that, if any of the kids come to visit on the weekends, I have a place to put them. It's a win-win situtaion for me”.

How Can Help? is a service that connects potential Lodgers with Homeowners that have a room to rent for the working week. Homeowners can have rental utopia, whereby they can rent out their room for the working week and then have the place to themselves for the weekend.

What Can Homeowners Do With

  • List their room in our database for a three month period without disclosing their address or telephone number to the general public. The Homeowner is in control of their own personal information and who they want to view it.
  • The Homeowner can update room details at any time.
  • If the room becomes occupied, the Homeowner can remove the room from our database.
  • The Homeowner decides if the Lodger has access to other rooms in the house, e.g. the living room, garden etc.

How much does the service cost?

For a Homeowner to register and list a room on costs €30 for a three month period. Visit our registration page if you would like to list your home with

How does it work?

It' couldn' be easier. There just three simple steps:

Step 1

The Homeowner registers and lists a room on This allows general information to be displayed to potential Lodgers, for example, room size, general geographical area of the property, access to other rooms in the home etc.

Step 2

If a potential Lodger is interested in the room. They simply click a link to open a form where they provide information about themselves - name, address, telephone number, gender, smoker/non-smoker, reason for renting etc. When they submit this form their information goes directly to you, Homeowner.

Step 3

When the Homeowner receives this information from the potential Lodger they can choose to accept or reject the enquiry. If they accept, they can make contact through the provided telephone or email address.

The Homeowner should make it clear with the Lodger, what the rules are for the rental period. For more advice on this check out our Homeowner/Lodger Agreement Tips.

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