Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a web based service that links Homeowners, who have a spare bedroom in their home to rent, with potential Lodgers who wish to rent a room for the working week. Generally, the room is let for part of the week i.e. Monday to Friday.

Why Use

Homeowners - As the economy changes people are beginning to look for ways to supplement their income. Renting a room in your home can earn you up to €14,000 euros per annum TAX FREE! This is potentially €1,166 per month which would go a long way in monthly mortgage repayments. Plus the beauty of renting for part of the week is that you have the privacy of your home for the weekend!

Lodgers - More and more people have to commute long distances to work each day. Early rises and coming home late is not nice and can be quiet stressful, not to mention costly. Renting a room for part of the week is a great system. You get to work hassle free, you save on transport costs and your stress levels will be considerably lessened. The added bonus is that you are no longer too tired to enjoy your friends and family over the weekend.

How Does It work? has two type of users, Lodgers and Homeowners. We connect Lodgers looking for a room to rent during the week, with Homeowners who have a room available for weekday rental.

Homeowners - A Homeowner can register a room on for a fee of €30.00 for a three a month period. The room details, including pictures and descriptions of facilities, are added to our database. If a potential Lodger is interested in a particular room, they contact the Homeowner directly through a contact link provided on the listing. Without having to disclose any personal information, the owner can choose to accept or reject the enquiry. The Homeowner can choose whether to provide their personal details to the potential Lodger and a meeting or viewing of the room can be arranged.

Lodgers - All visitors to the website have limited Guest access to our room listings. However, only registered users have full Member access to lisitings and registration is free. This allows the potential lodger to view all rooms available to rent, with full details provided by Homeowner, and to make contact with a Homeowner if interested in a particular room.

In terms of the weekly cost for the rental of the room and the terms and conditions, this is up to the Homeowner and the potential lodger to agree on.

How Much Does It Cost?

Homeowners - To advertise a room for a three month period with costs just €30.

Lodgers - Registration is is FREE! Registered members will have full Member access to our room listings, however, unregistered can also avail of limited Guest access to room listings.

What Is Limited Guest Access?

Limited Guest access allows the user to browse room listings showing pictures of rooms, general location of the property and the associated facilities of the property. However it does not allow the user to contact the property owner.

What Is Full Member Access?

Full Member access to allows Members to get more details about available rooms and if interested in a listing, Members can contact the Homeowner using a web-based electronic form.

Will I Have To Pay Tax On Rental Income?

Under the Irish government's Rent A Room scheme you can rent out a spare room in your house, Tax Free, if the income does not exceed €14,000 per annum. For more information visit the Citizen's Information Board or read Irish Revenue's A Revenue Guide to Rental Income - IT 70.

What Payment Methods Does Accept? uses the Realex Internet Payments system, which accepts Laser, American Express, Visa and Mastercards.

How Secure Is My Transaction? has teamed up with Realex Payments to ensure the most secure internet payments transactions possible. Realex Payments is a leading European payment service provider. Realex Payments process billions of Euro per annum for Irish and international merchants.

Will My personal Information Be Given To Anyone Else?

Absolutely not. Any personal information will not be passed on to third party companies or individuals. Information that Homeowners provide regarding the room they wish to rent will be stored on the database and room listings can be viewed with limited listing details by Guests, or with full listing details Members. However the Homeowner has complete control over who views personal information such as name, address and telephone number.

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