Why Weekday Room Rental?


  • Are you a homeowner with a spare room you would like to rent out Monday to Friday?
  • Want to make some extra TAX FREE income with weekday room rental?

Lots of people have a spare room in their home. With weekday room rental you can rent out your spare room Monday to Friday and make a little extra cash - Tax Free! Have your house to yourself for the weekend and supplement your income at the same time. It's a win-win situation.

A Homeowner can accumulate €14,000 Tax Free by renting a spare room in their house. This extra money could alleviate mortgage repayments or, you can just spend it on yourself! See our Homeowners page for more information about part rental.


  • Sick and tired of long commutes and high petrol and transport bills?
  • Tired all weekend knowing you have to start all over again on Monday?

Weekday room rental means less time spent commuting, less stress and ready to enjoy your weekend with family and friends. GetDigs.ie connects Lodgers looking for a room to rent during the working week with Homeowners offering room rental from Monday to Friday. Register with GetDigs.ie and browse our database of Homeowners offering weekday room rental.

Long term you will be financially better off as you will save considerably on petrol/transport costs. Why not give it a go?